Double Lives – Paoletta Holst

Boomgaard / Verger
Drogenbos - Stalle

In the Boomgaard, the beautiful garden off the farm and artist studio of painter Felix De Boeck (1898 – 1995), you can visit PeriFeria for an exhibition with work by painter Jan Verbruggen, photographer Barbara Sandra and artist Paoletta Holst.

In her practice artist, architectural researcher and writer Paoletta Holst investigates the effects of spatio-political power structures on our living environment and the strategies that people find to deal with them.

In the orchard Paoletta presents a lecture performance in which she reactivates the Zenne Atlas, a work she created in 2015, and will talk about the river as fringe and backside of the city and society, a place of seduction and aversion.

Expo – Orchard
> Installations and performances by Jan Verbruggen, Barbara Sandra and Paoletta Holst
> Orchard at FeliXart Museum
> Thursday from 19h to 22h
> Friday from 14h to 20h
> Saturday from 14h to 20h
> Free to visit during PeriFeria

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