Power Pile

Collective Disaster uses wood chips and green waste to build a gigantic biomass compost heap, the Power Pile,  in which new forces are generated. With a post-industrial power plant chimney in the background, steam clouds and hot water become the materialization of a hidden energy that gives rise to discovery, relaxation and fantasy. A meditation bed on top of the Power Pile, shiatsu massages, hot steam, fountains and hot running water… Collective Disaster presents a unique spa experience during PeriFeria.

Collective Disaster

Collective Disaster is an open multidisciplinary collaboration that meets in random places. A meta-collective with participants from different places and with different backgrounds, but with shared ideas, visions, interests, experiences and ambitions. Collective Disaster wants to change things and deal with contemporary crises in a positive way. With their projects, they explore new ways of working together and finding ways out of the recurrent state of crisis. The word ‘disaster’ or ‘crisis’ has often been used throughout history, but it is only in those moments of crisis that our society actually gets the chance to reinvent itself. Collective Disaster builds on this. They embrace the fact of ‘disaster’ as a means of positive change.


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