Main Stage

For the 4th edition of PeriFeria, the focus is on the southern fringe of Brussels, on the border area between Uccle, Forest, Drogenbos and Ruisbroek. PeriFeria will be joined locally by the adventurous Fringants Drogenbossois, the dancers from Bouge à Drogenbos, the bingo-playing residents of Boomgaard, the frisbee and Volleyball Club Union Drogenbos, the visionaries of Ruisbroek Droomt, the Serenata choir, Fanfare KoFaSiND, the archers of the St. Sebastian’s Guild and community centre Het Huys. As ‘partners in crime’, they will be given the PeriFeria Main Stage, where they will be presented with a programme ‘on the edge’, with all kinds of performances, workshops, sports and games activities and creative walks.

KoFaSiND, the Royal Fanfare Sint-Niklaas Drogenbos , is an active music association based in Drogenbos. Founded on 1 January 1897 by the late Jan De Boeck, father of painter Felix De Boeck, and brewer Jan Michiels, they have been closely connected to the socio-cultural events in the municipality of Drogenbos for years.

GC Het Huys, the community centre of Uccle where a lot of people come, both Dutch-, French- and foreign-speakers, young and old for good music, the cosy bar where you can read the newspaper, have a bite to eat or an aperitif with the neighbours.

Union Drogenbos Volleyball is a volleyball club based in Drogenbos, with sports members from 6 years old.

Les Fringants Drogenbossois is an association for all ages, also older than 55 years, founded with the aim to discover the many charms and curiosities of our country in a pleasant way.

The St. Sebastian Guild is a marksmen’s guild that has existed for over 500 years, and gathers every month in Drogenbos for archery.

Bouge is an association that organizes all kinds of extracurricular, cultural, sports, artistic and intergenerational activities, from capoeira over yoga and zumba to intergenerational workshops.

Ruisbroek Droomt is a think tank that, out of a love for Ruisbroek, comes up with all kinds of scenarios for developing the potential of their municipality and looks for ways to convert their visions into reality.

Serenata is a choir for women who like to join melody with conviviality.

Boomgaard-liga is an association that groups the residents of the Boomgaardwijk and organises all kinds of activities in the neighbourhood.

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