On the occasion of PeriFeria 2019, the collective Oiseaux sans Tête and sound artist Frédérique Franke have worked out a new season of (L)ost: imaginative group walks to discover together the unacknowledged landscapes of the Brussels periphery. In walker-gatherer mode, you will be guided along a route of about 10 km while your perception of time and space will be tested. Your journey will be rhythmed by sonorous, visual and gustative micro-experiences that create frictions between landscape and fiction. Equipped with an observation and collection kit, you can question and reinvent the cartography of the contrasting periphery. Any territory you cross will give you the opportunity to make a poetic recount of the fragile or incongruous beauty of the landscape, in this way eroding our urban and political conditions of existence.


The collective O.S.T. – Oiseaux Sans Tête – consists of photographers, video artists, DJs, illustrators, programmers, visual artists, architects, designers and performers.  Together they use their respective energies to create multifaceted artistic intersections that are accessible to all.
Defenders of contextual art who do not embrace the conceptual, they devise installations, performances, photo studios, exhibitions and publications that inspire Dadaism in the age of instrumental reason.

Their main objective is to create a meeting, often festive, always magical, whatever the setting. Because O.S.T. sees the strange person as a neighbour, whether it’s a Taiwanese tourist or a well-known figure in the neighbourhood. Convinced that artistic savoir-faire as an instrument for social and individual transformation should also be shared.

Frédérique Franke


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