GTI Grand Tourer Injection

With GTI Grand Tourer Injection, photographer Paul Jules Smith wants to document and show the fascination for engines and speed that is deeply rooted in the periphery of Brussels. After all, the forgotten spaces on the fringes of the city are often places where activities that are no longer wanted elsewhere in the city can continue to live on. By way of documentary photography on motocrossers, quad-fanatics and other speed devils and motorbike fans who practice their hobby and passion in the peripheral areas around Brussels, Paul Jules Smith reveals and questions the layered experience of the periphery of the city. A stone’s throw from Motor Village Drogenbos, the larger than life photographes will be shown during the PeriFeria Festival.

Paul Jules Smith

Paul Jules Smith’s work confronts the unknown. His explorations combine a polished aesthetic with a hybrid narration, between fiction and documentary. Conceived as poetic ballads, they play with randomness, survey normality, shake the imaginary and unveil the intimate.

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