Déterrons K.A.K. Graaft op!

When drilling into the ground during the construction of the PeriFeria festival site, unexpected discoveries were made in the soil. It might be possible that the dump of Expo 58 is hidden under the festival site in Drogenbos. In order to prevent damage to this invaluable heritage, the festival organisation decided to quickly bring in an archaeological survey. The festival organisation calls on the Koekelbergse Archeologische Kring (K.A.K.) for this. From 19 August, K.A.K. will carry out archaeological excavations and analyses on the higher western terrain of the festival site. They will be assisted in their research by O.R.G.I.A., a team specialising in research into the remains of the lost ideology of modernity and contemporary Western civilisation.


K.A.K. – Koekelbergse Alliantie van Knutelaars – is an alliance of tinkerers, theatre makers, thinkers that bring together performances with which they always search for the boundaries between fiction and reality and want to stimulate encounters between people. With a do it yourself aesthetics and often having an empty building or deserted place as their starting point, their performances attempt to create ‘extraordinary events’, happenings where the foundations of what is ‘normal’ are shaken, fictitious ‘heterotopias’ in which you can engage in the encounter with ‘the other’.


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