Picnic Electricity Pylons Drogenbos

At 11:00

The landscape on the southern edge of Brussels is characterized by a series of electricity pylons. They supply Brussels with high-voltage electricity from the nuclear power plant in Tihange and the electrical substation in Courcelles, among others. In the run-up to PeriFeria, we will undertake a pylon inspection, and to keep it cosy, we make it a potluck picnic.

Picnic Electricity Pylons Drogenbos
> Potluck picnic*
> Start at 11h
> Duration approximately 4 hours
> Meet-up at south station
> Participation is free, but please register by mail via info@periferiafestival.be

*potluck: bring your own ingredients for on the picnic table.

Where and how to get there?

City3 activity part of the PeriFeria Festival 2019 and Continental de Gaz et d’Electricité in collaboration with The Public School for Architecture Brussels.

Transmission tower Drogenbos