Peeking over the regional walls

At 13:45
By Strategisch Project Zennevallei
GC Het Huys

Do you see the border between the Flemish and Brussels-Capital Regions in the aerial view below? The photo shows hardly any trace of it. But the regional border has an impact on policy issues such as the environment, water management, spatial planning, mobility… Do Brussels and Flanders know each other’s plans and visions?

As part of PeriFeria, the Strategic Project for Zenne Valley is organizing an introduction to the Flemish and Brussels plans for the southern peripheral areas. They peek over the regional walls and give the floor to Flemish and Brussels speakers on a number of themes.

13h45 – Welcome with coffee in GC Het Huys at Ukkel-Kalevoet
14h – Flemish and Brussels speakers highlight two themes:
> The Zenne and space for water storage, experience and green spaces
> The canal as an economic axis and its visual qualities
15h30 – Walk from Het Huys to the FeliXartmuseum
16h30 – Flemish and Brussels speakers will focus on two themes:
> What is the impact of the ‘Good Move’ plan and what about the peripheral car parks on mobility?
> Business on the border: what is the possible future of business activity and concrete plans?
18h – End & closure with a light dinner
19h30 – Optional: evening debate on the future of the Zennebeemden in the Flemish southern edge of Brussels

Participation is free but registration is required.
Registration is possible until 26 August 2019. The language is alternately Dutch and French.

Where and how to get there?

An activity of  Strategisch Project Zennevallei, the Provincie Vlaams-Brabant and Regionaal Landschap Pajottenland & Zennevallei within the framework of PeriFeria 2019.

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