Initiation Archery

At 13:00
Moeras / Marais
Drogenbos - Stalle

The Archers of Drogenbos are going to stretch their bows for the PeriFeria festival on Saturday 31 August. Since 1523 (or earlier), this guild of marksmen have been aiming their arrows at a height of 28 meters. Not by coincidence, the walls of castles were 25 meters high and the arrows had to get over them. Nowadays it is ‘birds’ are shot from the sticks and that is easier said than done. The members of the guild will give an initiation in archery, after which you can find out for yourself what it takes to join the guild of archers.

Initiation archery
> Saturday 31 August
> From 13h to 15h
> For young and old

Where and how to get there?