Déterrons K.A.K. Graaft op!

Moeras / Marais
Drogenbos - Stalle

During the construction of the PeriFeria Festival site in Stalle/Drogenbos, unexpected discoveries were made while drilling into the ground. It might be possible that the dump of Expo 58 is hidden under the festival site. In order to prevent damage to this invaluable heritage, the Koekelbergse Archeologische Kring (K.A.K.) has been called upon to carry out archaeological excavations. K.A.K. will be assisted in their archeological survey by O.R.G.I.A., a team specialized in research into the remains of the lost ideology of modernity and contemporary Western civilization.

On Friday 30 August and Saturday 31 August from 13h to 21h, the archeological site will be opened to visitors.
At specific times,two times a day, guided tours at the archaeological site will be organized by K.A.K. and O.R.G.I.A..
To do so, please register in advance by sending an e-mail to reserveren@k-a-k.be
Please mention in the e-mail the number of participants, as well as the time slot of your visit:
> Friday 30/08 from 15h to 16h30
> Friday 30/08 from 19h to 20h30
> Saturday 31/08 15h to 16h30
> Saturday 31/08 19h to 20h30

Where and how to get there?

Koekelbergse Archeologische Kring (K.A.K.)