Power Pile – Arie Van Ziel

Moeras / Marais
Drogenbos - Stalle

Central to this year’s PeriFeria festival site is the Power Pile of Collective Disaster, a gigantic compost pile with a heat exchanger that provides the festival with hot water. The concept behind the “Biomeiler”, originally conceived and developed by the Swiss Jean Pain, will be explained at PeriFeria by Arie Van Ziel. The Dutch architect-artist, who is both a technician and a designer inspired by creative building with natural materials, explains the working process behind a Biomeiler and its possibilities of application.

> From 16h
> At the installation Power Pile of Collective Disaster
> Free activity
> Presentation language Dutch and English

Where and how to get there?

A PeriFeria activity as part of the Power Pile project of Collective Disaster in collaboration with The Public School for Architecture Brussels.