Another Training Lab

Moeras / Marais
Drogenbos - Stalle

Under the guidance of architect and designer Alexis Deconinck and Alex Trotta, a group of architecture and art students and young professionals will be working on PeriFeria’s festival site this year. During six intensive “hands-on” construction days they will create the base camp and scenography for the festival on the site of the Moeras/Marais in Drogenbos near Stalle.

Construction workshop and scenography workshop
> From 20 to 26 August
> Daily from 10h to 17h
> If you want to participate: participation is free, but please register by mail via

Where and how to get there?

City3 activity in collaboration with Alexis Deconinck en Alex Trotta as part of the PeriFeria Festival 2019

Constructlab - Dopinglab - PeriFeria 2017