Traduction bientôt

What about an olympic swimming pool at the Dreve Olympique in Neerpede? PeriFeria asked POOL IS COOL, the suffragettes of outdoor swimming in Brussels, for a try out. Be prepared for an unorthodox freestyle olympic swimming competition under the Neerpede Interchange.

Pool is Cool

POOL IS COOL is an independent platform of citizen experts striving for the revival of outdoor swimming in Brussels. In order to have an impact on decision makers, POOL IS COOL is active on three fronts. To gain public attention for their cause POOL IS COOL organises playful actions, presentations, and debates. To provide a glimpse of what outdoor swimming in the city of Brussels could be, POOL IS COOL builds temporary swimming installations. To develop a considerable knowledge base about outdoor swimming, POOL IS COOL conducts research on urban, administrative, technical and social questions and collaborates with international initiatives.