La Pile vs R.E.E.

Le Marais
Drogenbos - Stalle

La Pile, a citizen project in Forest and Saint-Gilles, brings together a diverse group of citizens, companies, organizations, researchers, engineers, artists, … with as a common goal to address the topic of electricity supply in their neighborhood and to looks for ways of appropriating it. From an shared ambition to make electricity more sustainable, smarter, renewable, reliable, less expensive, more transparent and more local…

Within the framework of Continental de gaz et d’électricité – a research project by City3 and common room on the « hardware » behind the city – Chépas Collective from their side have launched R.E.E. Route electricité extraordinaire, a series of performative interventions with which they try to subject the electricity infrastructural components in Brussels and its spatial and physical impact on our urban environment to a new reading.

The public school for architecture brussels brings both initiatives together during PeriFeria, and invites you to take part in an open discussion on the challenges of today with regard to electricity supply in the city and the impact on the urban living environment.

Meet-up La Pile vs R.E.E
> Saturday 31/08 at 15h
> At the pop-up-stand of R.E.E.

Where and how to get there?

A free activity activity organized by the public school for architecture brussels in the framework of PeriFeria 2019.