Schapenweg on the road

Kouters - Schapenweg
Koningslo - Heembeek

Together with Breicabine, PeriFeria will set in motion a knitting cavalcade this year. A nomadic assembly of sheep’s, wool and knitting enthusiasts traces ‘de Schapenweg’, a historic transhumance that ran through the western edge of Brussels.

The second stage of ‘de Schapenweg’ on Sunday 3 September is a plea for slowness.
In the morning we will walk along ‘de Schapenweg’, from Vilvoorde to Heembeek. On the way, Breicanbine will spin yarn with a spindle and nomadically continues knitting along the way. Walking is unhurried, knitting as well. Step by step and cross for stitch. The knitting cavalcade is accompanied by the bleating of sheep, a soft resistance to rushing and hasting. At the Laskouter, on the border of Heembeek and Koningslo, under the street sign of the Schapenweg, Breikabine stops for a slow Sunday potluck picnic.

Walking from Vilvoorde to Heembeek
> departure 11:00 at De Kruitfabriek
> The event is free of charge

> from 12:30 at the Laskouter, Heembeek / Koningslo
> Potluck? Bring your own shepherd’s bag and provisions!
> The event is free of charge


Where and how to get there?