Rudi Janssens – Language and identity in ‘de Rand’

CC Westrand - Kamerijklaan 46
1700 Dilbeek

The city and its hinterland are essentially distinct, yet inseparable, as are Brussels and the Flemish ‘Rand’. Foreign migration causes population growth in the Brussels-Capital Region, while the move from the city to the Flemish fringe causes a net inflow from Brussels. The diversity that characterizes Brussels is also found among those who move. The globalization of the economy and the effect of the growth pole Brussels also stimulates the international economic activity in the Flemish municipalities around Brussels. The net result is a growing diversity and internationalization of the Rand’s population. This diversity, of which language diversity forms a part, adds up to the traditional political tension between Flemish and French speakers. Janssens exposes offers a first general view of the language situation in ‘de Rand’ and presents a number of important trends that influence the language choices of the inhabitants. In addition to the specific language, it also goes deeper into the relationship between language and identity and the language policy in ‘de Rand’, and an increasingly colourful and international Brussels, the relationship between language and identity and the demand for a sense of belonging become more and more central both in scientific and political discourse.

Rudi Janssens is a lecturer and senior researcher at the Centre for Information, Documentation and Research on Brussels (BRIO) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. His research centres on language use in multilingual and multicultural cities and regions, the impact of language policy on public space, education in a multilingual environment and the relationship between language and identity. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Brussels Studies Institute (BSI) and the Dutch House of Brussels.

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> language: Dutch
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