Schapenweg Revisited – Breicabine

Schapenweg Revisited follows the trail of a historic transhumance that ran through the northwestern edge of Brussels, from Heembeek to Pede. Shepherds from the western edge of Brussels drove their herds along this route in the past. Today, the trajectory of the trail largely coincides with an urbanized landscape and road (de Romeinse steenweg), the Laarbeek forest, the ring around Brussels and the hills and fields of Zellik and Dilbeek.
Breicabine will rediscovering ‘de Schapenweg’ during PeriFeria. By walking the trail, in the company of a herd of sheep and their shepherd. By stopping over in different places to knit, organize wool production workshops and to paint wool with plants found on the way. The goal of Schapenweg Revisited is to bring about a knitting cavalcade that brings people together, from Brussels and beyond, with a passion for wool and handicrafts.


Breicabine promotes the production of handmade knitwear in Brussels and advocates for a new local textile artisanship by guiding knitting groups and organizing knitting sessions and workshops. Breicabine endorses knitting wherever and whenever you want, outdoors and in public space, to re-capture a place for handicrafts in the city and the streets of Brussels.

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