(L)OST in PeriFeria

For the PeriFeria Festival, O.S.T. & friends  depart for an exploration of the Brussels periphery. They invite you on a series of creative group walks that will make you discover the surprising landscapes of the Brussels fringe characterized by its striking contrasts, unexpected crossovers and cement beauty.

In the way the naturalists did in the 19th century, you will be equiped with an observation and exploration kit. Wildlife, waterways, highway ramps, forgotten infrastructures, … : as a explorer you will be drawn and immersed into the periphery, in the subjectivity of the moment. Audio-visual interventions will guide you trough these ignored territories.

Participants: Benoit Lorent, Julie Guiches, Jean-François Roversi, Frédérique Franke, Teresa Fajardo


O.S.T. collective

OST collective – les Oiseaux Sans Tête – is a multidisciplinary collective that focusses on the creation of art projects in public space through in-situ interventions. Among their members are photographers, illustrators, architects, journalists, programmers, urbanists and audio-visual artists. Together they favor often participative art projects in public space dedicated to diverse audiences and with a strong social, pictorial and urban backbone. The OST collective aims to produce poetic actions and images while exploring the overlapping areas of photography, sound, text and drawing, in order to question our contemporary ways of living. Functioning as an experimental laboratory with artistic and social dimensions, OST collective involves creators and audiences in matters relating to notions of identity and territory and their collective representations.

Julie Guiches and Benoit Lorent are the coordinators and project managers for OST collective. Since 2009 they have organised social and artistic projects in Belgium, France and other european countries.