Borders Beyond Borderlines

With Borders Beyond Borderlines, That Might Be Right brings together perspectives and experiences of borders by exploring the border of the Brussels-Capital Region with the Flemish Region. The walks on the border and the surrounding area serve as a metaphor. They serve as an occasion to think and speak about borders as a world-making practice. Via a number of themes, such as invisibility, security, globalization, colonialism/decolonization, architecture, identity and conflict, That Might Be Right wants to relate the effects of major issues in the world, and the European Union in particular, to a more local and thus recognizable constellation.

The perspectives and experiences in the form of images, thoughts and interviews are brought together in a video installation.

That Might Be Right

That Might Be Right is an artistic and socially engaged organization dedicated to researching, developing and supporting alternatives to the present. They give a platform to people who want to share and organize moments for collective exploration and experimentation. They make use of common sense and common (visual)language to question the things we take for granted, and to challenge a varied public. Their actions may take the form of public interventions, visual/artistic presentations, educational programs, participatory events, or written/visual essays. Located in Brussels TMBR wants to engage with the community they are all members of, contribute to its public life and pass on each others experiences.

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