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On Saturday 2 September the third edition of the PeriFeria Festival will start with a visit to ZenneLab in the district of Broek in Vilvoorde. This was the main location of the previous edition of PeriFeria, two years ago. Together with ZenneLab and Riso Vlaams-Brabant, Breicabine and Herba Lana organize a day full of activities under the banner of ‘Schapenweg Revisited’.

It happens to be that in the first weekend of September 2017, several residents in Broek celebrate the annual Eid al-Adha also called the ‘Sacrifice Feast’. According to Islamic tradition a sheep is to be slaughtered, prepared and part of the meat should be given away. The slaughter is the subject of a public debate that is intertwined with the periphery. The right moment for Breicabine to show that sheep farming can be of more value (in the vicinity of the city) than just meat. It can introduce an economic chain from grazing projects to wool production and a local textile craft.

Zennelab - Riso Vlaams-Brabant

ZenneLab is a temporary community center in the Broek district of Vilvoorde, an old neighborhood that is part of the urban renewal project Watersite which will build a large new city district along the canal. ZenneLab wants to bring people together and to encourage thinking and creating in common. The City of Vilvoorde and Riso Vlaams-Brabant invite residents, passengers, city services and organizations to give form to Broek in a creative way with attention and respect for the neighborhood and its (future) residents. ZenneLab’s activities take place at various locations in the district, mainly in de Loods, a former carpentry and in den 174, a former residence. Most activities have a multiple function such as encouraging residents’ initiative and discussing the challenges and opportunities of the urban renewal project. But the activities also try to respond to specific needs in the neighborhood such as a place to learn and practice the language, play and movement, healthy and affordable food, tackling mobility problems and, of course, improving the quality of housing.

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