A guest at – RotondeBXL

On Sunday 10 September, PeriFeria will be hosted by RotondeBxl, a neighborhood initiative in Laeken that wants to give new life to the vacant Expo 58 kiosk next to Sint-Lambertusplein.The kiosk will be the base a variety of tours and workshops organized by City3 and PeriFeria. RotondeBXL will organize all kinds of activities and entertainment.


RotondeBxl is a neighborhood initiative in Laeken on the Sint-Lambertusplein, grown out of the need of local residents to have a place to gather and meet each other. In addition, RotondeBxl wants to bring back the common dynamic in the neighborhood around the Sint-Lambertusplein with social, cultural and economic activities.

The activities of RotondeBxl are ‘neighborhood driven’: they make their place available to the public and bring people togheter. The organization of activities, such as a repair café, Friday drink, sewing studio, Linux café, Dutch conversation tables and a Digital Theater are all to the merit of neighborhood residents.

The name RotondeBxl refers to the vacant Expo 58 ticket pavilion on the square where the neighborhood would like to continue their activities in the long run.