POOL IS COOL – Swim Bike Excursion

Biestebroek - Neerpede - Weststation - Kanaal - Heizel

POOL IS COOL  is a platform organization striving for the revival of outdoor swimming in Brussels. While other cities have invested in maintaining existing or creating new public open air swimming infrastructures since they promote social interaction and provide a strong impact on a city’s overall quality of life, outdoor swimming places in Brussels have all disappeared.

To achieve its mission, POOL IS COOL focuses on three fronts. They organize playful actions to raise awareness on the topic; they build temporary pool installations to show the potential of open air swimming in the city of Brussels; they conduct research on urban, administrative, technical and social questions to have an impact on decision making.

On the occasion of the Day of Architecture on 10 September, POOL IS COOL invites you on a playful bike-exploration through Brussels during which they will show you the sites they have earmarked as locations for future outdoor swimming. You will receive more information on potential development scenarios and be invited to think with them on how to give shape to outdoor swimming in Brussels in the future.

Exploration by bike
> departs at 14:00 at Bozar, Ravensteinstraat 23 – 1000 Brussels (at “the biggest public outdoor pool in brussels”)
> arrival at the Expo 58 kiosk at Heysel, Boulevard de Centenaire – 1020 Laeken
> bike tour of 22 km
> POOL IS COOL does not provide bikes! (for those among you who do not have a bike: close to Bozar there are two Villo stations (central station + Rue Royale) where you can rent a bike)
> this event is free of charge, but please register via email at info@pooliscool.org


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