At 17:00
GRNS – Rodepoortstraat 32

The office for (landscape)architecture and urban planning Omgeving has been addressing spatial issues and challenges for four decades at different levels of scale. From boundary crossing views on landscape planning, parks and public spaces to buildings.

In 2016 Omgeving did a study on the possible future of the periphery of Ghent, the ambition was to formulate sustainable spatial answers to important societal, ecological and economic challenges posed in the highly fragmented fringe of the city. Their study was published in the publication Over de rand, which presents a number of radical recipes for transformation: space consuming neighborhoods and ribbon development disappear, while more convenient located places are urbanized; the will be space cleared for nature, agriculture and recreation in the city; city and periphery are given back to pedestrians, cyclists, e-bikes, trams and cargo boats; a new, circular economy makes of city and periphery a self-sufficient system.

On Saturday 9 September, Peter Swyngedauw of Omgeving will present the research of Over de rand, explaining the recipes for transformation proposed by the office. After the presentation, Yvan Detraz of Bruit du Frigo and Peter Swyngedauw will engage in conversation.

Lecture by Omgeving
(followed by a conversation between Bruit du Frigo and Omgeving)
> starts at 17:00
> at GRNS, the Rodepoort site
> language: English
> this event is free of charge

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