Knitting in the shadow of the Atomium

At 13:00
Rotonde - Boulevard de Centenaire

Together with Breicabine, PeriFeria will set in motion a knitting cavalcade this year. A nomadic assembly of sheep’s, wool and knitting enthusiasts traces ‘de Schapenweg’, a historic transhumance that ran through the western edge of Brussels.

On Sunday 10 September the knitting cavalcade will come to a halt at the Atomium. A dyed-in-the-wool knitter immediately understands that the Atomium is a tangled network of wool balls, the national symbol for a knitting community that knows no distances. Breicabine is a supporter for knitting in public space and for this reason we invite all ‘knitters of Brussels’ to unite on this Sunday, in the universal spirit of expo ’58. To appropriate the streets in the shadow of the Atomium for the first national knitting event.

> from 13:00 to 17:00
> at De Rotonde you can ask for information about the exact location


Where and how to get there?