From sheep wool to yarn

At 14:00
De Loods - Marie-Joséwijk 44

Together with Breicabine, PeriFeria will set in motion a knitting cavalcade this year. A nomadic assembly of sheep, wool and knitting enthusiasts traces ‘de Schapenweg’, a historic transhumance that ran through the western edge of Brussels.

In the first weekend of September, Muslims celebrate the annual Eid al-Adha also called the ‘Sacrifice Feast’. According to Islamic tradition a sheep is to be slaughtered, prepared and part of the meat should be given away. The slaughter is the subject of a public debate that is intertwined with the periphery. Yet sheep farming can be of more value (in the vicinity of the city) than just meat. It can introduce an economic chain from grazing projects to wool production and a local textile craft.

On Saturday 2 September, Breicabine will playfully introduce us to one of the stages in the economic chain in collaboration with Zennelab and Herba Lana. In order to make yarn from sheep wool, the wool should be sorted and washed after shaving. Against the background of a sheep-graffiti in the district Broek of Vilvoorde, you will be introduced to this crucial cleaning process. You will feel and smell sheep’s fat on your hands, you will work on cleaning the fur, and learn how to card and spin wool.

In addition, Breicabine invites young and old to knit ‘couscous’ together – a hat in a grain stitch designed for the occasion by Karolien Van De Gaer of Studio Meez in Ghent. Meanwhile there will be read from the Breicabine library with sheep stories. Do not underestimate them, sheeps can tell their story themselves.

Workshop and animation
> from 15:00 till 18:00
> for children and adults
> These activities are free of charge

Continuous knitting sessions
> from 14:00 till 18:00
> for children and adults
> This activity is free of charge

A PeriFeria activity by Breicabine in collaboration with ZenneLab and Herba Lana.


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