Dye yarn with natural dyes

At 14:00
Kouters - Schapenbaan

Together with Breicabine, PeriFeria will set in motion a knitting cavalcade this year. A nomadic assembly of sheep’s, wool and knitting enthusiasts traces ‘de Schapenweg’, a historic transhumance that ran through the western edge of Brussels.

On Sunday 24 September, the knitting cavalcade will make a stop in the middle of the fields of Zellik. Not just to knit, but for a workshop where you will learn to dye yarn with natural dyes.

Yarn comes in many colors and the end of summer brings a wealth of dyes from plants and flowers, berries and other fruits. In the middle of the fields of Zellik, we will first walk along the ‘Schapenbaan’ in order to pick plants for our dyes on the way. Following we will learn how to make the dyes and dye the yarn.

> for children and adults
> continuously from 14:00 till 17:00
> this event is free of charge

A PeriFeria activity by Breicabine in collaboration with Erfgoedcel Brussel and Herbalana during Feest in het Landschap.


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