dopingLab – constructLab

Parc des Etangs
Neerpede / Anderlecht

In the framework of Brussels Goes Olympic in 2058, the ingenious Berlin collective constructLab is looking for new ways to naturally prepare Brussels athletes for great performance and competitiveness by 2058. In the second half of September, they will build the dopingLab of the future in Vijverspark in Anderlecht under the interchange of the ringroad around Brussels.

On Friday 29 September, the temporary performance laboratory will be tested for the first time. To be in full production during the PeriLympics on Saturday 30 September! Come and taste!

dopingLab by constructLab
> from 14:00 till 22:00
> in Neerpede in Vijverspark under the interchange ringroad Anderlecht
> 5 minutes walking distance from the endstation of Tram 81 (Marius Renard)
> The activity takes place in the framework of Brussels Goes Olympic 2058 – PeriLympics

Where and how to get there?