Discover the herbularius

Moeras Drogenbos - Stalle

For years, Ghislaine and Emmanuelle, two women with green fingers who know all about the magical powers of plants, have been taking care of the Herbularius garden by artist Felix De Boeck.

For the PeriFeria Festival, they welcome you in their garden to introduce you to the secrets of the plants that we incorrectly call “weeds”. You will be amazed by all their healing and flavor-enhancing powers and will see how important it is to have these plants in your garden.

Atelier and tasting of wild plants
> For children and adults
> From 14h to 16h
> Number of registrations limited to 12 persons
> Free activity but please register by mail via

Where and how to get there?

A PeriFeria activity in collaboration with the FeliXart museum.

Herbularius Felix De Boeck