Knitting couscous

At 14:00
De Loods - Marie-Joséwijk 44

Together with Breicabine, PeriFeria will set in motion a knitting cavalcade this year. A nomadic assembly of sheep’s, wool and knitting enthusiasts traces ‘de Schapenweg’, a historic transhumance that ran through the western edge of Brussels.

On Saturday 2 September, Breicabine invites young and old to knit ‘couscous’ together – a hat in a grain stitch designed for the occasion by Karolien Van De Gaer of Studio Meez in Ghent. If you attend the different knitting sessions of Schapenweg, you will learn the consecutive steps in the pattern and can continue knitting. At the end of ‘De Schapenweg’ you have knitted a ‘couscous’ hat for yourself and are prepared for the winter.

Knitting session
> continuously from 14:00 till 18:00
> for children and adults
> this event is free of charge


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